September Writing Check-In

A lot has happened over the past few months, enough for me to have a brag shelf!

  1. I had my first accepted story printed in the Temporal Discombobulation anthology, which was produced and released in line with the Gothic Time conference at the University of Surrey.
  2. …and my second accepted-and-to-be-printed story will be in the Thirty Years of Rain anthology! There are so many excellent writers in the anthology that I’m hoping some of the magic will rub off on me. The anthology is having its “official” launch at Fantasycon By The Sea, but will also be having a launch in Glasgow at the Argyle Street Waterstones.

It feels odd to be posting about a lot of things going on, because up until recently I felt like I’d reached a writing dead zone – I just didn’t have enough time or energy to write around work. But I’ve recently started trying out four days a week, and having a dedicated writing day has already led to me getting a lot more work done.

I was originally going to type “huge” amount for work, but I suppose that wouldn’t be quite right – since starting the trial two weeks ago, I’ve written/edited two scenes of my novel redraft and dusted off a short story I had on the shelf to try to get it finished. I’ve had a lot more writing sessions since I started, and feel like I’ve gotten more done than I had in months – so things are looking up!

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