December Crafts – Emmer Shawl, Honey Cowl, Lapsang Hat

The past few months have been both good and bad for my knitting. On the plus side – I’ve been working on a few different exciting patterns at once, and managing to make at least a few hours a week to work on them. On the down side, oh god my wrists hurt so much I seriously need to space these out more (she says, using her sore wrists to play Dragon Age and write blog posts – okay so I can’t entirely blame knitting for my woes).

Emmer Shawl


Pattern: [x]

Particularly eagle-eyed readers will recognise a much smaller version of this shawl in the photograph on my first reading round-up post. The first shawl I ever made took me a year. This… is the second shawl I’ve ever made. I’m going to generously assume I’ll take the same amount of time. I bought this wonderful hand-dyed wool from local yarn store Queen of Purls as a treat for myself in some beautiful autumnal colours. By my estimations, it may in fact be finished and ready to wear next autumn.

Honey Cowl


Pattern: [x]

I’ve been working on this one on-off for a few months. I love the mustard yellow wool I’m working in, it looks great and feels squishy, and the simplicity of the pattern means it’s easy to knit while sitting in class or watching television… but the simplicity also means I don’t feel very challenged by it, which is how I ended up with two other projects on the go at the same time. I’m looking forward to getting back to it and hopefully finishing it soon.

Lapsang Hat


Pattern: [x]

I left this one until last since it may be my favourite thing that I’m working on at the moment. It’s in super chunky yarn, so it knits up very fast, and since I took a bit of a break from knitting over the summer it’s nice to be making something that looks great, is fun to work on AND I’m going to finish pretty quickly. I’d seen a few friends making Tea Collection hats before, and since I got to pick up some of the Ginger Twist Studios yarn those patterns are designed for at an event at Queen of Purls, I decided it was time to make my own.

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