Who Am I and What Am I Doing?

I’m pragmatic, but not necessarily practical, so this serves as a mission statement above anything else. I’m a writer with aspirations towards professionalism, and having made the terrible decision to look up some successful people who graduated from the same Creative Writing programme as me, I realised they all had blogs and reasoned that this must be because of some sort of horrid chicken-and-egg effect. So what I’m doing is making a challenge to myself – write something, and put it up here, every two weeks. Prepare to talk about something – writing, movies I’ve seen, books I’m reading, places I’ve been, things I’m knitting. If I have the fortune to get a short story published or something liek that, I’ll talk about that. And maybe, eventually, I’ll write something someone might actually want to read.

You’ll find as you read on that this sort of extreme self-deprecation runs through me quite deeply. I like to think it’s charming, but I fear that it’s merely rather worrying to both myself and the people around me.